My turn to rant a little. Union members were sent an email earlier this week inviting them to participate in a “contest” to “design” a new logo for the AUPE chapter. This doesn’t make me happy. Contests like this devalue the work of professional designers – inviting any Tom, Dick or Harry with a computer to create your visual identity is an insult to the profession.

I’ve sent an email voicing my dismay over this – including a snippit from the GDC website that outlines why professional designers are prohibited from entering such contests due to our code of ethics – and I’m wondering if I’ll get any response.

I mean – you wouldn’t conduct a contest to find out who has the best idea of how to do your hip replacement surgery, now would you?! Feel free to show your support by writing Shirley Maki back – she’s the one who sent out the original email on behalf of the union.