I’ve really disliked American writer Ann Coulter since I saw her on the 5th Estate telling the CBC interviewer that she thought Canadians were a bunch of liberal wimps. What an idiot. Rarely has someone actually made me want to reach through a TV screen and smack them. She’d written a book called “How to talk to a liberal if you really have to.” There was a great moment on that 5th Estate piece where she argued with the interviewer about whether or not Canadian troops were ever in Vietnam – they weren’t but you couldn’t tell her that. He managed to momentarily upset her self-aggrandizement. It was a lovely moment.

Anyway, she’s now written a new book in which she critisized some of the 911 widows. Yeah – apparently they are “enjoying” their husbands’ death. Here’s a bit from CNN. It’s been all over the news.

So, is she an idiot or simply really good at marketing…