Conference was in Austin this year – an odd city. A little hippy, a little blues, a little gospel, a little straitlaced. Interesting mix.

Good conference overall. Some disappointments. The keynote, Elliott Earls, was barely coherent and went on for far too long. Most of us were clueless as to his point. If he had one. Which I doubt.

One session that was supposed to be on branding turned out to be about how to just throw away all your branding and do whatever you want.

Great sessions on typography, graphic standards manuals and redefining creativity. The latter presenter also provided links to some really fun sites: Only open to US residents of legal drinking age – 90210 works just fine for your zip code… Check out the Coke Show. – great fun if you haven’t already checked out this site

And a couple of extra Austin sites to check out:

Austin City Limits – The ACL festival was on while I was there. I didn’t get to check anything out but it sure takes over the city.
Stubbs BBQ – Home of the Stubbs Gospel Brunch. Good fun and good food. The house band was amazing. I swear the drummer was about 12 – couldn’t see him over his cymbals!
Barton Creek Square – I did some serious damage here…