OK, so I’ve recently taken up quilting. Sewing straight lines and not having to fit something to a human body is strangely liberating. Eventually, I want to give up the straight lines and do something far more organic, but in the meantime, I’m exploring how the choice of fabric can actually make a quilt look more comtemporary. (Someone please shoot me if I ever show up in a quilted vest or jacket…)

Here’s one of my favourite quilting blogs – yes, there are such things. Hello My Name is Heather belongs to Heather Bailey, a fabric designer and artist. The site has wonderful photography by her husband, a professional photographer. And click on the link to her line of fabrics for Freespirit fabrics. Absolutely beautiful. Now, if I could just find a local distributer. I was in Cochrane yesterday because the store there, Addies, is supposed to carry it. It was closed, of course. Started a trend for the day… 🙂