The weave along on Ravelry in the Warped Weavers group in February was overshot. I’ve always admired this weave structure – it looked stupidly complicated, though.

It took me forever to get the loom warped but I finally managed it yesterday and have been weaving away ever since. It is complicated. I’m doing pin cushions. The draft will yield about 8 pin cushions using two different treadlings. The first version isn’t too difficult but the second one? Whoa. I’m going to be making one of these. Three shuttles and trying to remember the pattern is doing my head in. This is a picture of the first version. It’s a really pale lavender warp with black weft:


And here’s the second. Same warp but the weft is two shades of purple:

2 repeats - 2nd treadling overshot

See what I mean? Crazy.