Wayne and I took a walk on Friday, also Earth Day, to go get a coffee at our local Starbucks. To celebrate Earth Day, they were offering free tea or coffee if you brought in your own travel mug. Who doesn’t like free? I think the guy who roared up in his Hummer completely missed the point.

Cranked bike shop is in the same little strip mall, and given that Wayne likes the bikes we popped in. That’s when I feel in love. With this:


I mean, is she cute or what!?

They are currently building one in my size and she’ll be ready on Tuesday or Wednesday. She has a basket….with a flower holder. I’m in love!

Wayne is getting the man’s version. Our plan is to ride around Airdrie as much as we can. Getting in shape for our trip to the UK in September. And I’ll ride her to work. Now I just need to find a name for her.