Something a little different today since people are always asking me what nail polish, treatments i use. Thought I’d list my favourites here. Hope it interests someone!

Ok – first is my favourite basecoat. This one’s easy – Nail Envy by OPI is great stuff. I use both the regular and the maintenance versions. I dont notice any difference between them, to be honest.

My favourite nail polish brand is Essie. You can find it at Shoppers. Great colours and I find it doesnt chip.

Colours I wear a lot include:
Velvet Voyeur
Limited Addiction

OPI is also great but it doesn’t last as well for me. They do have great colours. I wear:
Royal Rajah Ruby
All A-Bordeaux the Sleigh
And OPI for Sephora colours:
What’s your Point-Settia
I’m With Brad
Bare to be Different
What’s a Tire Jack
Brunette on the Internet

Topcoat – No-Chip by China Glaze-this stuff is amazing. I found mine at Winners but I’m going to need to find a more regular source.

And finally, I use Avon’s Liquid Freeze quick dry spray.

I do think buying a better brand of polish pays off but maybe I’m just dillusional!

So that’s it. Happy manicuring!