After a MUCH better sleep – doubled up on the mattresses and solved my ear plug malfunction – today was a busy day at the retreat. Today was class day, with Maureen teaching a number of us how to make a braided table runner. This is a simple project that went together quickly. The best part was checking out what other people had done and how different this projects could look depending on fabric choice.

The weather has been pretty wet and cold – but for some reason, we were all hot and doors were opened. Great for the temperature; not so good for mosquitos. Stupid pests. We’ve been swatting at them all day.

I’m amazed at how much time these ladies can spend working away – and I curse this arthritic back of mine that gives me such pain and makes me take many breaks.

One more day before I have to leave this wonderful place. Oh, well.

Here’s a picture of my table runner in progress: