I don’t usually talk about nail stuff on my blog but I’m so in love with my new Red Carpet Manicure gel kit that I can’t contain myself. Where have you been all my life? No more trips to the spa to pay too much to have my nails done – now I can do them at home.

It’s super easy. If you can paint your nails, you can do this. It takes a little practice to do thin coats so you get a nice even look but it’s not that tricky.

Getting the polish off is pretty easy. Just buff the nail to remove some if the shine, soak a cotton ball in the Erase remover, put it on the nail and wrap in tin foil. Wait 15 mins and most of it just flakes off. It’s a little rough on your fingers but nothing hand cream afterwards can’t cure.

I got my kit at Rexall but you can order it online from Nail Polish Canada (This is a favourite site of mine. Great prices on polish and cheap or free shipping. Plus it’s Canadian.)

The kit comes with a red polish; I like really dark, short nails so I bought a black. Needed three coats of the polish for good coverage.

You could bypass the polish and just do the base and top gel coats and then paint with regular polish if you wanted.

Love it!